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Why we love environmentally friendly packaging

Not only does it save the environment from slowly degrading, it is safe to use for your packaging needs and saves resources.

Environmentally friendly cups, plates, cutlery and napkins, are all made to degrade easier and make less of an impact should it not reach the bin as it should.

Environmentally safe packaging is easier recycled. They are made from recyclable materials and breaks down faster and with less energy input.

Recycling is the key component of modern waste and is the third component of the reduce, reuse and recycle waste hierarchy. It saves energy because the manufacturer does not have to produce new items from raw, natural resources.

By making use of recycled products we can save on energy consumption which also cuts down production costs.

With recycling waste products, the area needed for landfills can be reduced significantly. It takes thousands of years for some waste material to completely degrade.

Recycling also affects a country’s economy in a positive way. It helps in conserving our natural resources, create jobs and allows for innovative new industry.

Hence with environmentally friendly packaging say yes to “recycle , reuse , reduce”.
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